Aluminium Garden Furniture

Manufacturers have been making aluminium garden furniture for many years as aluminium does not rust, is strong and light weight making it the perfect material to make garden furniture from.

  • Rust free
  • Strong
  • Lightweight
  • Available in many styles and colours.

Aluminium furniture is available in many styles, from the traditional cast aluminium scroll styles dating back from the Victorian gardens to modern contemporary designs made from either cast aluminium or press formed aluminium.

Aluminium furniture can be finished in many different colours and finishes, from powder coatings (a durable baked on paint), spray painted, enameled and even varnish / lacquer finished.  This gives the options for many different colours to suit your style.

Tables, chairs and even sun loungers are made from aluminium and when combined with comfortable soft cushions (also available in many different colours) they make beautiful and comfortable garden and patio furniture sets.

Aluminium is also used in all good quality rattan furniture sets as the main frame material.

We supply Aluminium furniture from Bridgman & Norfolk Leisure, the best quality aluminium furniture we could find.

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